Moments in our lives pass so quickly. Before our own eyes newborns become toddlers and teenagers head off to college. We take life at such a fast pace we sometimes miss and often quickly forget the little moments we long to remember.

Personally I didn't know how quickly life can pass until my baby turned three. I found myself longing for the precious moments that were but figments in my imagination. The way his hand curled around my finger, the way his dimples looked when he laughed, how perfect his newborn toes were, his toothless grin. I knew in those moments that if I could begin to capture his life through photography then I could always have those memories. I would never have to worry about forgetting the precious details. So I grabbed my camera, read as much as I could and began taking pictures. Others began to notice this passion within me, desired for me to also capture their memories...jenn clark photography was born.

My style of photography is not one that is planned or posed. Instead it is one that captures the moment; the feelings, the personality, the love. It is not about the outfit you wear or how well you styled your hair. It is about the way you feel in that moment, the way the life shines through your eyes and your smile.

I would be honored to capture who you are, how you feel and where you are in your own story. These are the pictures that will hold those precious memories within us forever.